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Karen Slagle

Amarillo, Tx


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I'm a Texas girl, born and bred. My family came to Texas in 1823 before it was a republic or state. My life revolves arounds cats, horses and photography. I own 2 Arabian horses, 4 cats and 1 husband, a houseful to say the least.

Most of my photos are horses and cats with a few odds and ends thrown into the mix. I love Photoshop and the photomanipulation process and nothing leaves my digital darkroom un-touched. I am also is very fond of using a variety of textures to enhance my art.

I also have a passion for clouds and the Texas landscape when the storms come rolling in. Lightning is a favorite subject during storms.

I love macro photography and all the hidden detail in these amazing closeups.

The equipment I use is all Nikon - a D70, D100, D200, D300 and a D700. All of my lenses are Nikkor - an 18-70, 28-200, 70-300, 80-200, 2.8 and an 80-400 plus the Micro-Nikkor 105 lens. I also use Nikon speedlights, an SB600 and SB800. My favorite combination is the D700 with the 28-200 lens.

I have won monthly contests at Better Photo. I also have had photos in magazines.


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Fly Like an Eagle by Karen Slagle


Cumulonimbus Over Texas by Karen Slagle


Thistle Asteraceae by Karen Slagle


Super Moon Rising Over Palo Duro Canyon by Karen Slagle


Chinks by Karen Slagle


Sunning by Karen Slagle


Ebony and Ivory by Karen Slagle


Hunter's Moon by Karen Slagle


Winter in Palo Duro Canyon by Karen Slagle


Painted Lady Butterfly by Karen Slagle


Strike by Karen Slagle


All Wrapped Up - Argiope Spider by Karen Slagle


Monarch Butterfly by Karen Slagle


Howdy by Karen Slagle


Texas Sky Show by Karen Slagle


Badawi by Karen Slagle


Let's be Friends by Karen Slagle


Best Friends Forever by Karen Slagle


Olathes by Karen Slagle


Moonlight Sonata by Karen Slagle


Conchos by Karen Slagle


Windy Day by Karen Slagle